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Fully transparent window frame

In Windows 7 (build 7127) again it is possible
to switch the window frame into "fully transparent":

Windows 7127 Blur frosted glass

Windows 7127 HideBlur fully transparent window frame

This "frosted glass" effect ("Blur") can be turned off with the program "regedit.exe" at two places in the Registry and leads then to the "fully transparent" effect ("HideBlur"):

For each user individualy:
"HideBlur"=1 (REG_DWORD)

Windows 7127 HideBlur Registry

Or for all users together:
"HideBlur"=1 (REG_DWORD)

Whereby the user setting has priority. So, if the "milk glass" effect is activated for all users (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE HideBlur=0), nevertheless this one can switched off for individual users to "fully transparent" (HKEY_CURRENT_USER HideBlur=1)

The different views of transparency only becomes visible after a logout/login (or reboot of Windows 7).

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