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If "AERO Glass" is not possible:
Customization of "Windows 7 basic" theme.

If the graphics card is not sufficient for the presentation of the "Aero Glass" effect, Windows 7 shows only "Windows 7 basic" theme. This design with its light blue taskbar, the gray-blue edges left and right and monotonous blue windows title bars looks after a short period of time fairly flavourless.

Windows 7 Basic Theme

But this can be changed by you self:
The taskbar and start menu can be changed to deep blue. The windows title bars can be transparent. See image: The "beta"-fish and the "0" on the calculator shines through the transparent title bar. A slight shadow is equally feasible.

Windows 7 blue taskbar and transparent window frame

1. Step: Colour of taskbar

Actually only the file "aero.msstyles" in the directory C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero\ should be necessary changed to do this. But Microsoft has protected this design file with a special protection. This protection is made by the three files "uxtheme.dll", "themeui.dll" and "shsvcs.dll". The protection can bypassed with the program "Universal Theme Patcher". The program makes 3 copies of the files and then changes them. If needed for any reason the original files later again, they can be restored with the same program from the copies.

Universal theme patcher

Moreover the file can not simply be replaced with another one of "aero.msstyles" with a deep blue taskbar. Even an administrator does not have the right to change this file. First must acquire the "rights" at this file. For this click with right mouse button on the file and select "Properties". On the security tab select the button below "Advanced". On the "owner" tab select the button "Edit". In the middle area select own user name and click "Apply" at the right bottom. Continue with 3 times "OK". Back to the "Security" tab, click in the upper area on the button "Edit". In the new window click own user name and then checkbox "Allow - Full control". After 3 times of "OK" you now have full access to the file "aero.msstyles".

A suitable prepared file "aero.msstyles" with deep blue taskbar is located in the package "Windows7 Build 7068 Basic Blue" by user "LLiamGarner".
For precaution make a copy of the file "aero.msstyles" from directory C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero\. Then copy the file "aero.msstyles" in this folder. After reboot the deep blue taskbar will appear when the design of "Windows 7 basic" is selected.

Two other themes with Vista Retro Look and XP "Luna" Style.

2. Step: Transparent window frames

To turn on transparency window frame, the freeware program "TrueTransparency.exe" could be used.
The program don't need any installation - just extract in a folder of you choice and start "TrueTransparency.exe". The menu language can be changed and also a switch "Autostart with Windows 7" can activated. Four different themes ("skins") are already included. With an "Exclude Manager" the transparency can be disabled for individual programs.

TrueTransparency language choice  TrueTransparency skin choice

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