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VMware - virtual machine with AERO Glass support

  • The new version 7 of VMware now also support AERO Glass in the virtual machine.
  • With the new freeware version 3 of the VMware player you can now also create virtual machines.
  • Also in 32 bit can now a 64-bit operating system installed in a virtual machine.

 VMware Player 3

VMware Player: Create new virtual machine

VMware has always had previously offered a variety of products - some free, some 30 days free of charge and some commercial:

  • VMware Workstation was the complete program package. With it you could create virtual machines and run them.
  • VMware Server was a 30 days free usable version. With it you could create virtual machines and manage remotely started virtual machines; e.g. shutdown them remotely.
  • VMware Player was the free version. This one could not create virtual machines - but you could run virtual machines.

This resulted in the former possibility: With 30 days free of charge version of VMware Server you could create virtual machines and then use it with the VMware Player for free and indefinitely.

Due to the competitive pressure of "VirtualBox" and "Microsoft Virtual PC", VMware has now decided to integrate into the free version of VMware Player the ability to create virtual machines. The paid version of VMware Workstation has now only the advantage that it also can create "snapshots". "Snapshots" are like "system restore points" with which you could return to former states of the virtual machine.

In addition VMware has integrated a new, virtual graphic card into the virtual machine. This allows the first time AERO Glass of Windows 7 in the virtual machine. It also supports all the transparency effects of Windows 7.

With AERO Peek all open windows become transparent and allow a view on the desktop:
VMware AERO Peek

The window frames have the typical milky-glass effect
and the desktop background shines through:
VMware transparent Window Frame

The right area of the Start Menu also has transparency effects:
VMware Startmenue transparent

The applications in the taskbar show a thumbnail preview of the applications:
VMware Taskbar thumbnail preview

Flip 3D is also possible.
By holding down the Windows key in combination with the tab key
you can browse through the applications:
VMware Flip 3D

Also in a 32-bit environment it is now possible to install a 64-bit operating system in a virtual machine. But only if the hardware is a 64 bit system and supports hardware virtualization.

Despite all this you should not forget that the operating system installed in the virtual machine of VMware Player always simulate hardware that has nothing to do with the real hardware. Here you see clearly the differences between real "host" system (left) and a virtual "guest" system (right): Sound card, video card and network card does not match the real hardware (left):

VMware Device Manager

So for the testing of device drivers a virtual machine is not usable. For that you better use an installation to a VHD file - where the real hardware is used and hardware driver can be tested.

Only the performance index is based on the speed of the "host" system:
VMware Performance Index

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